Salford RLFC Supporters' Trust

The voice of Salford Red Devils fans

About us

Salford RLFC Supporters’ Trust

Board Members

Pete Brady – Chairman
Phill Dunning – Secretary
Graham Jones – Treasurer
Paul Whiteside
Liz Wright

Co-opted Board Members


AIMS of the Salford RLFC Supporters’ Trust

  • To uphold and preserve the HERITAGE of the Club
  • To maintain a PARTNERSHIP between the Club and the supporters
  • To represent the supporters in the DECISION MAKING of the Club
  • To ensure the Club is ACCOUNTABLE to the supporters
  • To work with the Club to enable it to ACHIEVE ITS GOALS
  • To undertake joint FUNDRAISING with the Club
  • To produce a programme of EVENTS for supporters
  • To benefit the COMMUNITY

The SUPPORTERS are the fans of Salford Red Devils
The COMMUNITY is the Salford and surrounding populous served and influenced by the Club

The above aims are a shortened version taken from the full version of our rules click here.

What is a Supporters’ Trust?

Salford RLFC Supporter’s Trust is a democratic, not for profit organisation of supporters, committed to strengthening the voice of supporters in the decision making process at the club, and strengthening the links between the club, the community game and the community it serves.

Supporters’ Trusts are typically constituted as Community Benefit Societies (CBS), a form of Co-operative that operates under a one-member one-vote principle. CBS’ are registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and any changes to the rules must be approved by the members and only become effective once the FCA has agreed them, checking they are in keeping with the spirit of the organisation. The members own all assets and liabilities collectively, and any profit made is either kept as reserves or reinvested to meet its objects. They are not charities and whilst they contain the word ‘Trust’ they do not follow the legal definition of a ‘Trust’.

What is the purpose of Supporters Direct?

SD’s mission is to promote sustainable spectator sports clubs based on community ownership and supporter involvement.

We offer help to Clubs interested in becoming community owned and supporters interested in forming a Supporters Trust at their Club.

We also provide a range of support services to existing members, which can vary from advice on building supporter involvement at a Club, raising finance, better member engagement to helping supporters when their Club is in crisis. SD staff average about 100 hours a month of one to one support to members.

We also work on behalf of our members by talking to the major stakeholders within sport, in particular football, to consider ways to improve the game. We believe that greater stakeholder participation actively contributes to better governance and thus financial sustainability. We also believe that a licensing system is essential to balance the social, sporting and commercial aspects of a Club.

All enquiries please email

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