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In Conjunction with the club we are pleased to present heritage numbers for players past and present.

Numbers have been allocated to every player who has represented the club in a competitive fixture from 1896 to present day, with the entire list available to view on the excel document HERE.

Data from 1896 through to 1991 was taken from the Darrell Platt book. The source of that data had been Graham Morris who provided the data to Platt for his book.

The team consisted of Graham Morris, John Blackburn, Paul Whiteside and Graham Jones, with Liz Wright assisting in database preparation, by typing up the hard copy from Darrel Platt book. 

The Heritage Committee is as follows:

Graham Morris

John Blackburn

Nikki Keenan

Graham Jones

Paul Hulme

Louise Woodward-Styles

Liz Wright

Moving forward, this committee will allocate numbers to new players, create certificates, arrange for events to hand over numbers and most importantly provide ongoing research to identify living family members, who may receive the awards on behalf of those no longer with us.

Details of rules and reasoning for the list can be found at the bottom of this page.

Database Rules & Reasoning

  • Heritage Numbers only to start from 1896, when the breakaway from the RFU took place.
  • Previous eras
    1873 – 1879 Cavendish RFU Treat as Founder members
    1879 – 1895 Salford RFU Treat as the Originals
    Both of these clubs were amateur playing friendlies and as such there were no competitive matches.
  • Treatment of players with the same debut date – We go in alphabetical order for Heritage Number
  • Any Unnamed Trialist should be numbered ie AN Other 1 etc. Unnamed Trialists have been given a Heritage Number.
  • Appearance data is only available for pre 1991. We have therefore excluded all appearance data from the Heritage list.
  • Player positions are based on which position they made the most club appearances. It is recognised that there may be errors in the designated positions shown on the Heritage list.
  • Only players who played a competitive game for the club are included. Players who only played in friendlies have been excluded.
  • Missing data – It is recognised that players who did indeed play a competitive game for the club may have been missed. This is not uncommon. Reporting in the early years left a lot to be desired and was not always accurate.
  • The game was 15-a-side until the 1906/07 season, when it reverted down to a 13-a-side game.

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