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Reserve Fundraising 2019/2020

Dear Supporter,

Just over 12 months, the then Chairman of the Board (Dave Campbell), asked the Trust Secretary to look at how we can raise money for the Reserve Team that Salford was looking to set up for the 2020 Season. Trust Secretary, Phill, along with Dennis Riley and Pete Brady, met with The Halifax Supporters Trust as they have been very successful in funding their reserve set up
Phill then assembled a Committee of current Board Members including Pete Brady, Graham Jones & Liz Wright and he added now current Board Members of Shirl Bradshaw, Alan & Steve Bradshaw and also after an appeal, gained another few volunteers in James Hoskison, John Yates, Mike Kirk, & Natalie Taylor along with the fundraising expertise of John Blackburn. Over the last 12 months (Pre – Covid ) the Team met once a month at the Blue Bell in Monton to discuss events and come up with ideas and the best way to make money.  James Hoskison, who has been brilliant, along with Shirl & Alan & Steve have set up a Facebook page to raffle and sell items, which has also been shares on Twitter, raising a few thousand pounds.
Early events were staged at The Moorside Social Club in Swinton, where Salford greats in Mark Lee, Paul Fletcher, Andy Burgess were presented with their heritage certificates. We have also held a Quiz Night at The Blue Bell in Monton, where Cliff Eccles, Steve Kerry, Paul Southern & Danny Barton were also given their heritage numbers. A big shout out for that successful night after a lot of work was put in by Steve Bradshaw, who used his Arthur Daley technique to get a lot of local businesses to donate and support. Swinton Lions supporters also attended the quiz, but were sadly beaten by the SALFORD Supporters Trust (get In)!
Steve, with Alan & Phill & Mike, and also the rest of the Committee, organised a Motown Night, which can only be described by everyone (not just rugby fans) as one fabulous night – many have asked when the next one is!! Steve that night Interviewed reserve player Harry Warburton, as well as Krisnan Inu, who both spoke about what it meant to them to play for Salford and how much they enjoyed being part of the Club.
Plenty of events have been planned for this year, including an 8Os Night, Michael Bublé Night, Q & A with The Players and a Quiz Night, but due to Covid, these have been put on the back burner, until some normality can resume. That did not stop the Committee in continuing in their target of raising money for the Reserve set up and further ideas of Salford clocks and door matts were sold, furthering boosting the coffers. James, even on furlough from work, working all hours, got new merchandise (greatly donated by fans), selling it and even posting it to the buyers. Shirl & Alan Bradshaw sold raffle tickets for the chance to win signed David Watkins and Keith Fielding signed photos, and we even had the great Keith Fielding, draw the Winning Tickets!!!!!

In addition to organised nights, raffles and auctions, Alan Bradshaw set up a “ Sponsor a Try”, where every try that Salford score, you agree to pay either £1 or 50p. Again with a lot of hard work from Alan has raised a great deal of money so far, so if you have not subscribed to it, then please email me on and I will direct you to Alan. It is not too late to join!!!!
As well as raising money for the Reserves, the Supporters Trust are working very closely with the Heritage Committee in arranging certificates with Louise- Woodward- Styles, who does an amazing job in designing them and as you can see with the below images. Our very own Shirl Bradshaw has looked very nice in presenting them to some of our past superstars!! 
The Trust has also, with you the Members blessing, donated £250.00 to Salford Hospital Foundation and we have also donated £500 to The Salford Reds Foundation, which helped them to go on a pre-season bonding mission.
I would like to finish off by saying a massive thank you to the Committee who have so far given up a lot of free time and petrol to put events on, weekly chats and selling items. Also a massive thank you to Tony Frame, Paul Hancock, our own messiah after Sir Ian Watson, Mr Paul King and Dennis Riley who have donated a lot of money. Many Items that Dennis has purchased are on show at Salford’s no1 supporters’ pub which is the Dog & Partridge in Eccles. Please pop along (after restrictions), grab yourself a drink and browse his collection. And finally, you the Trust fans who have supported us along the way. Memberships are soon due for renewal. Please, please re-join and spread the word to family and friends and get them to join. We will send you details of how to do son soon. 
We promise you that when this pandemic is over, we have a lot of events in the pipeline and we will continue in working with our great Club!! As you know, the RFL has suspended the Reserve Grade for a couple of years. We are in discussions with the Club regarding the money we have collected so far and what to do with it. When decided, we will ask every TRUST Member for Approval. From myself and the rest of the Salford Supporters’ Trust, we ask you to stay safe and look after your family and lets beat this virus, come out the other side and lets get back to the AJ Bell again and stand side by side and cheer on our great team.

Membership for 2021 is now also open to new and existing members, click here to sign up, as always thank you for your support!
Phill Dunning
Trust Secretary

Amount Raised To 22nd October is £19190.23!!!!!!!!!


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