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An Open Letter regarding the AJ Bell Stadium

Dear Trust Member,

As you have probably read in social media and the Rugby League press, Sale Sharks have approached Salford City Council about the potential purchase of the AJB Stadium. If the rumours are true and we believe they are then this is becoming a serious threat to the future of Salford Red Devils playing in the City and could well mean the demise of the club entirely in the not so distant future. It is that serious.

Let me share with you the background on how the AJB, then the Salford Community Stadium, was originally funded. The council were able to secure a grant from the European Union to part fund the stadium and within the original application it was stipulated that stadium should be used as a community stadium for the people of Salford. 10 years later, if the Council were to sell the stadium to the Cheshire founded Sale Sharks we believe this is contrary to the original aims of securing the funds and a betrayal to the fans and the wider Salford community.

The Council need to appreciate that at a time when we are seeing cuts to local services this where Salford Red Devils and SRD Foundation add real value to the City through their sterling community work. Whether it be addressing mental health issues through the Offload programme; player development in schools, and the community clubs; working with disabled children to provide support to overcome barriers through the Captain Confidence programme and the Youth Pathway programme that Paul Rowley will lead. If we lose the club, we lose the Foundation and Sale Sharks community programme offers nothing to our City. It’s impossible to put a value on this but without it our community would be so much poorer!  

As loyal fans we must not allow the stadium to be sold without first securing the long term and affordable future of Salford Red Devils and you can help play a part in that campaign. Let me set out how you can support the campaign: –

  • Make your voice heard on social media expressing your objections to the potential Council’s decision to sell the stadium
  • If the stadium is to be sold then we need you to make clear that any sale must include legally binding clauses that secure the long term future of Salford Red Devils, at an affordable rent, that allows the club to continue its progression in Super League
  • There are full Council and Mayoral elections due on the 6th May where you can show your discontent at the ballot box. Many of the City’s wards are in the balance and your vote could make a huge difference to the make up of any future council. Make your vote count! Likewise, with the Mayoral election. 

This feels like a pivotal moment in the long and illustrious history of Salford Red Devils in our beloved City so your continued support will be a crucial factor in how this will all end up. Don’t be kidded by the statements that you are reading we are in REAL danger of losing our home, a stadium built for the club and the community of Salford. Tell your family and friends the peril we find ourselves and get them all to act in a way to defend our cause.


Thank you for your loyal support!

Kind regards

Pete Brady
Supporters Trust Chairperson


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You can now pay for your ST Membership by Direct Payment or Cheque

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